We value open communication. You can use our whistleblower system to report violations of laws to us anonymously.

Direct contact

The shortest way to submit a report is to contact the reporting office directly.
For this purpose, we have set up a telephone number where you can reach the reporting office from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

Contact details of the reporting office:
W. Neudorff GmbH KG
c/o Althammer & Kill GmbH & Co. KG
Roscherstra├če 7
30161 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 330603-70

This is not a hotline, but trained employees who will take up your request and initiate further processing.

The employees are not employees of your organization, but employees of Althammer & Kill, who operate the whistleblower system for us, the W. Neudorff GmbH KG.

To ensure the confidentiality of your report to W. Neudorff GmbH KG, please note the following points.

  • Do not make the call from a duty telephone.
  • Make the call in a quiet environment, not on duty, and choose a time when you will not be disturbed.
  • Choose a place where nobody can listen in.
  • In an initial call, a tip can only be taken. Consider in advance how the hotline should continue to communicate with you so that we can keep you informed.
  • If the phone is ever unanswered, the call will not be transferred. Try again later.

Alternatively, select the option to give a hint via the reporting portal, using the "Get in touch" button.

The whistleblowing system is operated by our external service provider Althammer & Kill and is not part of our website or intranet. It is located on secure, external servers. Our employees cannot view the whistleblowing system.